Ben Singer

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ben Singer

Hayes: Why someone would want to cut a fund that has been heavily used after its first year is beyond me. The Member’s Council Initiative Fund was designed to free up more space for the average student to get funding for independent projects and create a separate fund for the larger groups floating around the USC.

Following along in this cavalcade of poor ideas is bringing the utter mayhem of Clubs Week to various residences and changing the role of VP-student events, making the Student Organization Advisor positions redundant in the process.

Ward: Overall, Ben Singer’s platform is better than most of his competitors. There are no glaring errors or examples of poor research. However, this positive feature of his platform is largely due to the fact Singer offers little in his platform that stands out.

Most of his platform proposals involve improving existing USC initiatives. Improvement is always desirable but it is more or less a no-brainer. For example, surely the website should be improved upon every year. The USC transcript to recognize involvement is a good idea, but it was when several other candidates proposed it as well.

Zwelling: Singer’s platform does well to address the issue of student involvement in the USC by promising to target first years in residence and aggressively follow up with those who show an interest. Currently, student apathy towards governance is a big dilemma on campus that needs to be addressed.

The proposed bus shelter is another excellent idea that should have been executed a long time ago.

Lobbying the university to increase its budget for financial aid is misguided. As Singer admits in his platform, the university has no money to commit, thus his efforts should be focused on more realistic, achievable initiatives.

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