UCC Renovation: Yes

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

This year, students have gained control of 300 per cent more space in the University Community Centre.

As a result, we are being asked to contribute to a renovation project to transform the building.

This renovation plan captures the diverse needs of our student body: comfortable lounge space, flexible 24 hour study areas, programmable space for student groups and meeting and storage space for the 200+ clubs, a fully licensed Spoke pub and a lower level mall " with retailers that bring convenience to campus. Most importantly, though, the building will be flexible to meet the dynamic needs of students in the future.

If we fail to vote yes to this opportunity, the cost to students and student life on campus will be great. The very same project will cost millions more to create and students will be left with an unusual space " for at least two full years " and smaller incremental increases in student fees to maintain inadequate facilities.

There is no denying that a $95 student fee is significant, but the question should not be about the dollar value " it is about the value that students can get out of our space.

An enjoyable experience calls for us to provide an inviting atmosphere. An experience that values the leadership in our clubs system calls for us to provide resources to those 18,000 students that participate. Most importantly, though, the best student experience calls for us to provide a building we can be proud of and build community around.
" Stephen Lecce, representative of the Yes Campaign

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