UCC Renovation: No

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

There has been an overwhelming response in support of the No Campaign for the University Community Centre renovations.

Students are saying that paying a $95 a year fee or $380 over four years is too much.

Students want renovations that meet their needs but cut out the extravagance that is being proposed in this referendum. Students think that a $4 million (with interest) renovation to The Spoke Lounge is unnecessary, the $13 million mezzanine and gym renovation is extravagant and putting a $54 million debt on Western students’ shoulders for the next 20 years is ridiculous.

There are 10,000 students at Western on the Ontario Student Assistance Program, there are thousands more that work to pay for school or take out loans and adding more debt load to these students is not fair.

These renovations also only help a minority of students. Affiliate students will pay the same price as everyone else but a student at King’s University College will not get the same benefits as a student on main campus from the renovations.

Students are not happy at the idea of being charged the $95 starting in September but not having the renovations done until 2011.

Students don’t want to pay for renovations at this time when the economy is hurting and keeping student fees low should be the University Students’ Council’s first priority.
" Matt Reid, representative of the No Campaign

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