Hormonal Birth Control Survey Results: Highlights


Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

over 540 women, aged 15-44

Country of origin:
USA: 63%
Europe: 16.6%
Canada: 13.2%
Australia: 4.2%
Other: 3%

Overall Results: While using HBC did you find that you suffered from any of the following?

Depression, anxiety/panic attacks: 66.7%
General numb feeling about most things: 39.7%
Inexplicable/irrational crying: 64.7%
Lack of energy/motivation and general lethargy: 62.9%
Nausea/dizziness/hot flushes: 41%
Rashes and/or skin complaints: 14%
Weight gain/bloating: 50.1%
Heavy bleeding/clotting: 17.7%
Headaches/migraines for three or more days per month: 36.6%
No periods or spotting: 14.5%
Dramatic mood swings: 55.8%
Sore breasts/bad cramps: 33.3%
Lack of sex drive: 63.6%
Yeast infection or other infections: 21.5%

If you use a form of HBC
(the pill, the implant, Nuva Ring, etc.)

do you find overall that it ...
… affects your life personal/professional/sexual in a negative way? 64.1%
… has no affect at all? 4.1%
… generally works well for you? 19.8%
… generally causes problems? 12%

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