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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

After a six-month battle with cancer, overcoming the disease and realizing a state of remission, Clement Yung passed away on March 2, 2009 at Victoria Hospital due to complications associated with his weakened immune state.

Yung â€" known as “Clem” to those closest to him â€" graduated with a degree in comparative physiology from Western in 2008. He was actively involved in the university community, serving as a dedicated Head Soph and member of the Faculty of Science soph team for four years, while also serving on the Science Students’ Council and university Senate.

He was also a committed employee of Western’s Information Technology Services and actively involved in sports and charity work.

In his life Yung was surrounded by a multitude of friends and managed to maintain a deep, invested relationship with each one that demonstrated his caring, selfless and genuine demeanour.

Those who knew him best said he possessed a unique ability to remind others that, although frequently overlooked, the important things in life are often the simplest. His attitude throughout life was uplifting and his constant display of optimism was a beacon for others to follow.

Yung brought a smile to the faces of his friends, but even more remarkably, was courageous enough to maintain one himself throughout his hardest times.

Yung is remembered for being a charismatic leader, intelligent student, caring son, defiant fighter, social catalyst, fun-loving guy, selfless servant â€" but above all â€" a loyal, caring and relentless friend.

Yung lived a fulfilling life that has enriched the lives of so many others and his peers agree the world is a better place because of his contributions.

He is survived by his parents, Andy and Jovena, and his Mitsubishi Lancer â€" endearingly called Bobby-Jane â€" whom he loved like a child.

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