Alberta researchers discover tiny dinosaur

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Edmonton, Alberta â€" Researchers from the University of Alberta and University of Calgary have identified the smallest carnivorous North American dinosaur ever uncovered.

The dinosaur, which would have been slightly larger than a chicken, has been called the Hesperonychus Elizabethae.

Initial discovery of some hipbones of the Hesperonychus was made 20 years ago, but it has taken this long to identify why they were so different from typical fossils found in Alberta.

Fossils from the Hesperonychus were compared with similar fossils in Asia, where conditions are conducive to better preservation of bones. The Hesperonychus is believed to be a relative of an Asian Raptor.

Washington, D.C. â€" Earlier this month, 12,000 students gathered in Washington, D.C. for the ‘Power Shift ‘09’ rally.

The goal of the meeting was to influence new energy legislation in the U.S. and to hold the government accountable for the environment.

Multiple rallies were staged, including one taking place directly in front of the White House.

Over 5,000 students who attended the conference have plans to further lobby officials in their home states.

Palo Alto, California â€" On March 6 students at Stanford University launched iStanford 2.0, an updated version of a set of iPhone applications exclusively for members of the Stanford community.

Applications of iStanford 2.0 include access to course catalogue and course management tools, real time animation and GPS on the campus map and live scores for Stanford basketball games. A brand new application also allows users to browse the university’s events calendar.

Many other schools have expressed interest in using the students’ technology and a similar application has recently been launched at Duke University, called DukeMobile.

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