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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Graduate students select next head honcho
Graduate students have elected Rick Telfer as president of the Society of Graduate Students for the 2009-10 academic year. The vote took place from March 11 to 13, with Telfer emerging as the victor by just over 100 votes.

SOGS is comprised of Western’s graduate student body, with any student enrolled in a graduate program receiving membership. It provides many services and benefits, including health coverage, bursaries and support for graduate students to obtain further educational and professional opportunities.

The society also has a council and committees responsible for managing various aspects of the society, such as the Grad Club.

“I am very happy to have gained the confidence of graduate students at Western,” Telfer said.

Telfer, a PhD student in the department of sociology, has previous experience working with the SOGS; he is currently chair of the Graduate Student Issues Committee.

“I am, first and foremost, an activist,” Telfer said. “I felt that SOGS needed a new direction and fresh leadership and the only way I could see that happening was by becoming president and putting my experience to work.”

Telfer cited his strengths in organization, motivation and interpersonal skills as key factors in enabling him to achieve his goals. He hopes to build a team to help make the SOGS more diverse and accessible to students, address environmental issues and concentrate on student concerns like tuition and funding.

“I see myself as an agent of change,” Telfer added. “At different times, graduate students at Western have participated in various forms of activism through SOGS ... we seem to have forgotten that but I’m here to revive that spirit.”
"Nathalie Ranger

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