Fire at University of Manitoba results in $2 million in damages, campus evacuations

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Winnipeg, Manitoba â€" Things got a little heated at the University of Manitoba last weekend, resulting in damages estimated at over $2 million from an on-campus fire.

The fire occurred on the fourth floor of the five-floor Duff Roblin building, which houses the psychology department and zoology labs. The blaze, discovered around noon on Saturday, resulted in evacuations across the campus due to concerns about toxic fumes from the hundreds of chemicals stored in the building.

The cause of the fire was determined to be an electrical short from a faulty refrigerator cord.

Texas, U.S. â€" This is just what American campuses need: more concealed handguns.

Currently, the University of Texas’ code of conduct prohibits guns on campus, but this could soon be overruled by the Texas legislature.

In April, a vote will occur regarding concealed carry on campus. If it goes through, the current law â€" which allows licensed individuals over the age of 21 to carry handguns in the state of Texas â€" would be extended to include every college and university in the state.

Handguns could also legally find their way onto Tennessee campuses under a recent bill coming before the state General Assembly to allow full-time university faculty and staff with a valid permit to bring a handgun onto campus.

Surrey, B.C. â€" Kwantlen Polytechnic University professor Russel Ogden has the go-ahead to do his morbid research.

After months of investigation, the Canadian Association of University Teachers has ended its inquiry into the actions of Kwantlen administration in stopping the criminologist’s controversial research on suicide and assisted suicide last summer.

Last June, the university’s research ethics board approved Ogden’s research, but he was soon told not to engage “in any illegal activity, including attending at an assisted death.”

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