Campus inquisition:

What do you think about the New Year’s gym explosion?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

For some, the holiday break meant the occasional ski trip or relaxing by the fire. For others, it was multiple turkey dinners adding 10 lbs of dead weight that didn’t exist before exams. What do students think about the New Year’s resolution rush of students filling the gym and trying to knock off a spare tire?

Dean Percy“I did go to the gym at a time when it normally wouldn’t have been busy, and it seems to me the gym has been busier this year. In terms of hearsay, a lot more people are talking about going for runs [since the New Year].”
"Dean Percy, Medical Biophysics II

Jamie Craig“I’ve seen an increase, especially in Pilates classes and stuff they fill up fast. You have to come a half hour before to get a spot in the class.”
"Jamie Craig, MIT II

Cameron Coatsworth“I think you just have to be patient because they’re all New Year’s resolutions that [the new crowd] won’t keep. They’ll be out of the gym in two weeks.”
"Cameron Coatsworth, Geophysics III

Jeff Kansun“I joined a different gym because I was fed up with waiting. I think the facilities at such a large university should be nicer.”
"Jeff Kansun, Political Science II

Simi Caxton-Idowu“There’s definitely an increase when people make resolutions to get into shape, but it’s definitely going to decrease over time. I guess school and other priorities take precedence, which leads to a decline [in gym-users].”
"Simi Caxton-Idowu, Kinesiology I

Maddie Brown“It doesn’t irritate me, but you have to book your machines in advance and it’s a lot longer wait [now]. Most people will drop their resolutions soon anyway.
"Maddie Brown, Sociology I

Steve Pirak“I think people are fitting up their bodies to go on March break.”
"Steve Pirak, Business II

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