Utah students howl at stress

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Shouting out in the library

Joyce Wang

SOMETHING TELLS US THIS GUY’S WINGIN’ IT ON TOMORROW’S EXAM. University of Utah students recently staged a “group howl” to relieve study stress. At Western, we stick with traditional human bitching and complaining.

Library officials consider howls foul at Utah State University.

Two hundred students gathered in the Merrill-Cazier Library at USU to relieve stress by howling louder than Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.

This “group howl” event originally took place last year before spring exams, with only one student participating. However, word has spread to the student body, and this fall 200 students met at the library to scream out their pre-exam jitters.

The event drew protest from library officials.

“If students need a pressure relief, the appropriate place is not in a library where other students are trying to study,” said John Elsweiler, the Merrill-Cazier library’s associate director of public services.

This issue was taken to USU’s student government last week where the executive council met with the event’s creators. The executive council spoke with creators Eric Defries, Jonathan Kidd, and Christopher Young to discuss the problems and future implications surrounding the event.

The student government understands the howls will happen with their approval or not, said Noah Ridley, USU’s student government president.

“The council’s biggest concern is meeting with library officials to make sure the howling is not offending anyone,” Ridley added.

Officials don’t want the group howl eliminated, but they would rather this event “occur somewhere outside the library, or elsewhere on campus,” Elsweiler said.

Ridley said he sees no problem with having the event outside.

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