University of Ottawa expels 10-year-old twins

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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Joyce Wang

I GUESS THE BABY EINSTEIN BOOKS WORKED. Twin 10-year-old boys were expelled from the University of Ottawa this week, which said they never should have been admitted. Their jobs at Brock are in jeopardy too — word is their lecture material is way over students' heads.

Ottawa â€" Twin 10-year-old boys were expelled from the University of Ottawa and are now seeking reparations for age discrimination from a human rights tribunal.

Agence France Presse reports the university expelled the boys from a course looking into environmental, political and ethical issues raised by advances in science and technology.

The university said it made a mistake admitting the boys in the first place. A spokesperson said the expulsion was not about age, but regarding a lack of a high school diploma.

The boys have filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Oklahoma â€" Oklahoma Wesleyan University is auctioning a year of tuition and room and board on EBay.

According to The Associated Press, the auction began Saturday, Feb. 3 and had reached $4,425 US by Sunday night. A year of tuition and room and board at the private college costs $23,000 US.

The university said it’s trying to create a “buzz” around the auction. The winning bidder must meet admission standards.

Britain â€" Archaeologists have discovered evidence of the homes of Stonehenge’s builders.

The Boston Globe reports the site housed hundreds of people and dates from around 2600 BC, the same time Stonehenge was built.

The Stonehenge Riverside Project was started in 2003 by a consortium of universities to better understand the monument.

Utah â€" The University of Utah and state legislators have reached a tentative deal to let the public college bar guns from dorms and faculty and staff offices.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the university’s legal battle with the state to ban guns from campus has been fairly unsuccessful.

In December, the university changed tactics to try and reach a legislative compromise.

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