On the campaign trail with Chris and Tom

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Chris Reynolds and Tom Stevenson campaigning

Claire Neary (left), Cigdem Iltan

VOTE OR DIE (OK, PROBABLY NOT). The Gazette followed USC presidential candidates Chris Reynolds (second from left in top photo) and Tom Stevenson (far right in bottom photo) on their respective campaign trails Tuesday.

On Tuesday The Gazette hit the University Students’ Council presidential campaign trail and shadowed candidates as they spent another busy day hoping to win over voters.

Candidate Chris Reynolds started his day hanging out in the University Community Centre atrium, serving coffee to promote his “Coffee with Chris” platform initiative.

Next came lunch at The Wave to recharge the batteries and schmooze a stony-faced reporter hot on the election beat.

Early in the afternoon, Reynolds was whisked off to a meeting of the Law students council, where he made a presentation for student votes. Reynolds was his usual charismatic self; however, he stumbled while discussing his laptop loan program idea to a room filled with students with laptops.

Reynolds then met with the Purple Spur Society to highlight some platform points and spread the word about his campaign.

Reynolds was a gracious host all day. Reynolds was passionate and never seemed tired of the campaign grind.

Next, Reynolds headed to a debate at the Science Students’ Council meeting, for which fellow candidate Tom Stevenson is a former president and current USC council representative.

Science Students’ Council members asked fair questions. Both candidates handled themselves well and provided answers not unlike others heard in earlier debates.

After the debate, Reynolds had a busy night of further campaigning ahead. The intrepid reporter was forced to retire for the evening after a hard day of living in the candidate’s shoes.


Contrary to popular belief, attending classes is possible for presidential candidates. Just ask Tom Stevenson, whose day began with four hours of class starting at 8:30 a.m. before the daily campaign grind.

We caught up with Stevenson while he was in the midst of a Music Students’ Council executive meeting. He wasn’t an active participant but his appearance was noted.

While heading to the UCC, Stevenson explained how some of his professors have been understanding in helping him re-weight his exams or move assignments until after the break.

During the meeting with the KSA president, Stevenson’s ideas for assisting clubs were graciously received. Many similar meetings with club executives, fraternities, sororities and residence councils took place over the last two weeks and could make the difference come voting time.

Following more campaigning in the UCC and taking The Gazette’s presidential quiz, Stevenson ventured to Elgin Hall to campaign with his team.

As we toured the last couple of floors left in the building, Stevenson said knocking on residence doors and speaking directly with students is a good way to involve first-year students who otherwise may be out of the election loop.

Responses during Stevenson’s building tour varied. Some students were vaguely aware a campaign is happening on campus and wondered whether they were allowed to vote or not; others questioned Stevenson’s platform on issues such as The Wave renovations, usage of UCC space, and key strategies to improving student life on campus.

Stevenson adapted to each student’s level of knowledge with his friendly and accommodating demeanour.

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