Candidates' last words

We give the candidates a few last words to plead their case

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

We gave the USC presidential candidates 50 words or less to get a final word in. Here are their unedited comments.

Chris Reynolds
Why Should Students Vote Reynolds?
• Increased Upper Year Programming.
• Laptop Loan Program.
• Mustangs Athletics Liaison.
• “Student Picks” Spoke Menu.
• Student Driven UCC Renovations.
• Free National Newspapers.
• Exam De-Stress Centre.
• Year-Long Online Club Registration.
• Student Self-Safety Initiative.
• USC Street Team.
As a proven leader, I will deliver these initiatives and more.

Josh Safer
• accountability/transparency
• supporting students’ clubs & services
• quality, inexpensive food on campus
• make campus group-study friendly
Up and coming classics:
• add non-travel vaccines to Campus Trust Health Plan (e.g. HPV vaccine)
• opt-in where to contribute your fees beyond a base level
• Jump jive with Josh!

Tom Stevenson
The stand out campaign has been about two things: The first, me standing out as the best and most qualified candidate. The second, is me helping all Western students, stand out. Not everyone fits into a mould or a stereotype. I’ll be the one who helps Western students the most.

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