Protesters caught posing as U of T student journalists

This week outside the Western "bubble" on campuses around the world...

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

This week outside the Western “bubble” on campuses around the world...

Toronto " Several students protesting tuition fees caused a scene at Bloor Collegiate Institute where Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, was to make an announcement.

According to The Globe and Mail, demonstrators posed as student journalists to gain access to the news conference. The demonstrators interrupted Bentley, forcing him to cancel the announcement.

Alabama " An audit at Bishop State Community College revealed more than $438,000 US in financial aid abuses.

The Birmingham News reports the most shocking abuse involves an employee whose 67-year-old disabled grandmother was receiving three separate athletic scholarships. She was receiving the scholarships just months before she died.

In addition, the athletic program awarded $87,000 US in scholarships to relatives who didn’t play on any varsity teams. Criminal charges have been filed against numerous Bishop State employees.

Illinois " The University of Illinois’ controversial mascot, Chief Illiniwek, will be removed from sideline action.

According to The Sun Times, the board of trustees removed the Chief under pressure from the NCAA, which deemed Illiniwek hostile and abusive. The NCAA had barred the university from hosting lucrative postseason championships.

Two students who portrayed the Chief sued the school for violating their rights to free speech and expression for dumping the 80-year-old mascot.

Ohio " Three students were arrested while participating in a traditional campus prank at the College of Wooster.

The Associated Press said the students were packing snow into a two-story arch which leads into the college green.

Campus security tried and failed to disperse students. Police were called and were pelted with snowballs. Students backed off once an officer showed his stun gun.

Dean of Students Kurt Holmes said it isn’t policy to stop pranks. The university let students finish packing the arch and blamed miscommunication for the event’s stoppage.

Indiana " Students at Indiana University South Bend have organized a nap club.

According to The Associated Press, the club provides a quiet, darkened room and air mattresses for members.

Club organizers predict demand will spike around midterms and finals.

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