Teaching tree huggers how to go green while getting it on

New site offers tips for eco-friendly sex

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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Katrina Afonso

HOPEFULLY HER BLUE BOX DOESN'T GIVE HIM BLUE BALLS. Jacob Gordon, editor of the "How To Green Your Life" series, offers environmentally conscious lovers tips on eco-friendly products and activities.

How green is your sex life? You recycle, take public transit, use a travel mug and wash your clothes in cold water; however, your sex life might still be harming the environment.

Thanks to a new guide published on TreeHugger.com, you can now learn how to “green your sex life.”

The guide was written by Jacob Gordon, editor of the site’s “How To Green Your Life” series, and offers environmentally conscious lovers tips on eco-friendly products and activities that “might open some new doors to deeper pleasure, satisfaction and romantic connection.”

Gordon said eco-friendly lifestyles are increasingly popular.

“Green is sexy, so it’s just a matter of time before people start opening their eyes to making their sex lives greener too,” he said.

“To live sustainable lives on a fragile planet we have to examine all aspects of how we live our lives and find creative and innovative ways to lighten our footprint. Sex is a huge part of our culture and personal lives, even though we’re still so hesitant to admit it.

“Sex has a great impact on our Earth, our bodies and our way of thinking... Sex can be healthy and nourishing or it can be very dangerous " whether we’re talking about disease or the health impacts of chemicals such as phthalates in sex toys.”

The guide suggests how to make eco-friendly choices by using all-natural products and alternatives to mainstream sex toys. It includes information on environmentally friendly condoms, natural aphrodisiacs and sexy eco-friendly underwear.

It also suggests looking for non-toxic sex toys made from glass, metal, silicone, hard plastics or elastomers instead of chemicals called phthalates, a substance used to soften hard plastics to create jelly-like sex toys. These chemical are harmful to your health and the environment, Gordon says.

Eco-friendly products are available in London; Libido Erotic Emporium For Women carries all non-toxic, non-rubber products.

Libido owner Kelly Garland said most the store’s products are organic, including biodegradable lubricant.

The store also gives customers who bring in rubber and jelly products a 10 per cent discount on certain store merchandise. The harmful products are subsequently sent to a landfill to be disposed of safely.

“I really hope people take this guide seriously, and from what I can tell, it has,” Gordon says. “Green is sexy. Sex can be green.”

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