‘No fun’ couples are a buzzkill at bars

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

With the dread of exams and boredom of the holidays over, the excitement at Western is back and the party season is in full swing. Over the next few weeks hordes of students will hit Richmond Row to celebrate their return to London.

While many students will spend the next few weeks drinking, dancing and catching up on old times, inevitably there will always be one couple in each group standing out from the rest.

Unlike their peers, these individuals won’t be found on the dance floor or at the bar, but instead in the corner of a room, holding hands while “lovingly” gazing into each other’s eyes. While both members of this couple may be fun on their own, they are everyone’s most despised duo when together.

If you and your partner belong to this group, reflect on how your actions affect others before going out this weekend.

Sitting together and excluding others not only distinguishes you as a cheesy couple, it’s also rude to your other friends who come out with you. While hand holding, gift giving and spontaneity are all dating requirements, being antisocial isn’t.

If you’re a member of this group but can’t resist being with your “sugar pie” all night, there are alternatives.

The first and perhaps best option is for you and your partner to go out with different groups of friends. While this may cause you to spend excessive amounts of time checking phone messages, at least you’ll be forced to talk with others.

Another option is designating certain nights for the two of you to spend exclusively together and other nights with your friends so there’s no excuse for either of you to avoid interacting with others when you go out in big groups.

Lastly, if you’re anxious to delve into “adulthood,” you could resort to socializing exclusively with other couples. This option could backfire, however, if you break up with your partner and are forced to reconnect with your old friends.

These options are only a few of many to avoid being labelled as “no fun.” If, however, none of these suggestions, or any others, work for you and your partner this week, there’s a much simpler alternative when you and your partner are invited to go out: stay home.

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