Dreamgirls not a flop

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Beyoncé can’t fulfill her acting dreams”
Jan. 11, 2007

To the Editor:
Despite the widespread critical acclaim, the faithful Motown-inspired score, masterfully executed performances and knockout visuals, apparently the reviewer couldn’t accept Dreamgirls’ one inexcusable and fatal flaw: Beyoncé is in it.

Between the hapless Beyoncé snipes, it’s never mentioned that the story is derived from the ascension of the Supremes and the birth of the Motown sound. Motown marked the first time African American performers and musical styles crossed over into mainstream music, a subject that apparently hardly qualifies as “interesting content” to the reviewer.

Curiously, the article blathers on endlessly, maligning an already much-maligned Beyoncé, instead of paying due attention to Jennifer Hudson’s breakout performance. Apparently, the fact that Beyonce is a talented, successful black woman in pop music playing a talented, successful black woman in pop music generates popcorn-thrown histrionics from the reviewer. Go figure.

Anyway, if great music and performances aren’t enough to get you out to see this musical, go ahead and wait for the next Jackass instalment. On the up side, Beyoncé’s not in that.
"David DeAngelis
Computer Science II

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