New Year’s resolutions

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Do all my readings, don’t procrastinate, work out three times a week, stop smoking... every new year, people make numerous promises to themselves " some empty, some potentially advantageous. In January the gym is crowded with people you wouldn’t normally see and fast food sales probably drop. Then March rolls around and everything is status quo again.

Everyone’s under the false impression a new year holds so much promise and is essentially a blank slate. However, any problems or responsibilities from the previous year still exist and, if unresolved, still need attention. This whole idea of starting anew is, if anything at all, another method of procrastination, of avoiding owning up to your actions and faults. The only thing resetting at midnight is your watch.

We’ve all made resolutions. And, for the first little while, we may stick to them. Unfortunately, by March or even mid-January, anything you promised yourself is a faint memory. Eventually hangovers replace workouts and you’re back to square one.

With each resolution you fail to accomplish, you’re likely also swarmed with guilt and your motivation probably drains. It’s the moral equivalent of eating a chocolate bar on a diet " the first bite immediately leads to failure.

Just as Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day you shower someone with affection and care, a new year isn’t the only time of the year with the potential for fresh starts " new months, new weeks, and even new days have it as well. If you’re intent on bettering yourself, wouldn’t it make a bit more sense to do so on a regular basis and not postpone it until a new year?

We all have faults and insecurities, and I’m pretty sure we can all list a few things we want to change about ourselves. So, in the fateful words of musician Ted Leo, “If you believe in something beautiful, then get up and be it.” There’s nothing wrong with resolving to change yourself, but you may as well do it now.

If you’re going to make a resolution for 2007, why not resolve to be a better person every single day?

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