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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Spoiled rich kids offer viewers a false reality”
Jan. 16, 2007

To the Editor:
While I agree My Super Sweet 16 is a disgusting show in numerous ways and Laguna Beach’s flimsy premise suggests ordinary teenagers’ lives are interesting, no matter how rich they are, I must hop to The O.C.’s defence.

I’m going to ignore Ms. Tanner’s argument that TV gives us a “false reality” because, well, no shit: that’s what TV’s basically for, right? What really bothers me is her dismissive attitude toward one of the greatest teen dramadies in recent memory, and her argument that money is put forth as a solution to all the characters’ problems.

In fact, more often than not the show demonstrates just the opposite. Seth’s psychological problems don’t stem from any lack of money, but rather from an abundance of neuroses.

Also, contrary to her argument, Sandy wasn’t initially a rich lawyer " he just had a rich wife. In fact, when he took a higher-paying job later on in the series, he became LESS satisfied with his life. Remember when he took over the Newport Group? He turned into a monster! And what about Jimmy? And Julie?

And money didn’t change Ryan’s life " it was the love and support of the Cohens! They provided Ryan with a loving home. If Ryan’s original family won the lottery, he wouldn’t be any better off. His mom would spend it on booze and blackjack, Hercules would STILL be beating his ass, and Trey would still be a scuzzbag. At the end of the day, The O.C. actually reinforces family values.

Have you ever watched the show or are you just another hater?
"Kyle Malashewski
Hons. English IV

Ed note: the article didn’t argue Sandy was an initially rich lawyer.

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