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What do Western students think about vegetarianism?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“Iron-deficiency anemia " It’s God’s way of saying meat matters.”
"Jason Yu
Medicine II

“I have two roommates who are vegetarians. One does it right and protein counts, the other only really eats [Kraft dinner]. Vegetarianism is a good thing but only if you do it in a healthy way.”
"Vicki Maxwell
Pharmacology/Physiology II

“Either way, if you eat veggies or meat you should choose healthy options, and people should eat whatever makes them happy.”
"Rosa Garcia

“I think vegetarianism is a good thing if you do it for the right reasons and if you’re serious about it. Too many people aren’t committed enough and end up going on and off again.”
"Ashleigh Mair
English III

“I know a lot of on-and-off vegetarians and some full-out vegetarians. I understand why people choose not to eat meat because of animal rights or concerns over chemicals and by-products in the meat; it’s their personal choice and I support that.”
"Ashley Lennox
Women’s Studies III

“I hate vegetarians. They’re a pain in the ass. If you’re making dinner for someone, you have to make two separate meals if one has meat. My girlfriend is a vegetarian, but she eats some meat.”
"Nick Senst

“Vegetarianism can be a healthy way to live your life if you’re smart about it. Vegetarians need to ensure that they’re getting their proper daily nutrients from a source other than meat. If they don’t, they are likely to wind up with an iron deficiency or something. That happened to my little sister when she turned vegetarian to impress her loser boyfriend.”
"Jonathan Brock
Political Science IV

“I won’t eat anything with eyes.”
"Kieh Christopherson
Health Sciences IV

“I’ve done the whole veggie thing before. I personally found it difficult and inconvenient to cut so many options out but people who know enough about it probably don’t find it hard at all. It’s totally an individual decision and I guess good for you if you can live without meat. But I don’t think vegetarians should try to enforce their ‘save the animals’ ideas onto others. That’s just irritating.”
"Rachel Halpern
Sociology III

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