Mad Libs: A wicked Western winter

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

It was already a __(1)__ winter day when __(2)__ woke up for his/her¬ class on the philosophy of __(3)__ . ___(4)__ ! __(2)__ yelled, I have to __(5)__ to class in __(6)__ feet of snow! But __(2)__ was determined not to miss yet another ___(7)__ class, so he/she put on his/her warmest __(8)__ and trudged up UC hill to the lecture.

After class, __(2)__ ran into his/her best friend, __(9)__. “__(10)__, how’s it __(11)__ing?” __(2)__ asked. “Awesome,” __(9)__ replied, “a bunch of us are going to __(12)__ tonight, wanna come?” Of course, __(2)__ was always up for a party.

That night, __(2)__ put on his/her best __(13)__ so he/she could work his/her game at the bar. Unfortunately, even though __(2)__’s friends left their house at 8:30, the bar lineup was still __(14)__ blocks long by the time they arrived. People in the line were getting __(15)__ and started __(16)__ each other to try to get into the bar. The bouncers noticed this __(17)__ behaviour and __(18)__ everyone out of the line, including __(2)__ and all his/her friends.

The only bar with no line in London was GT’s, but __(2)__ and his/her friends decided they would rather __(19)__, so they returned to campus and tobogganed down UC hill on __(20)__ instead.

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1._____________________ adjective
2._____________________ name
3._____________________ plural noun
4._____________________ expression
5._____________________ verb
6._____________________ number
7._____________________ adjective
8.___________________article of clothing
9._____________________ name
10.____________________ greeting
11.____________________ verb
12.________________ London bar or club
13.__________________article of clothing
14.____________________ number
15._______________ adjective (emotion)
16.____________________ verb
17.____________________ adjective
18.___________________ verb, past tense
19.____________________ unpleasant activity, present tense
20.____________________ plural noun

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