No room for girls' intramural teams

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
Registration for intramurals began Wednesday, Jan. 17 and my team registered for women’s indoor soccer. However, we couldn’t get the payment in until two days later, at which point we were told the league was full and there were already five teams on a waiting list.

I understand it’s “first come first serve.” What I don’t understand is how there is space allotted for only six teams in the Women’s Comp Indoor Soccer league, which would only accommodate approximately 40 students out of 32,000.

Even more upsetting is that the Men’s Comp Indoor Soccer league has gym time allotted for 16 teams. This unequal distribution of gym time isn’t only prevalent among the soccer league but in other sports too. For example, Men’s Comp Basketball has 62 teams as opposed to 12 teams in the women’s division. To put it into perspective, that equals 10 different time slots available for men’s basketball as opposed to ONE time slot for Women’s Comp Indoor Soccer.

Some may argue there’s more of a demand for men’s division. However, there should be an equal distribution of gym time to begin the registration process. When there’s more demand in one, and less demand in another, the times can be rearranged to accommodate students’ needs. However, to begin the registration process with an unequal distribution between divisions seems unfair.
"Sylvia Kim

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