Anthem animosity

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Zener bites back”
Jan. 24, 2007

To the Editor:
I understand and respect Rebecca Zener’s position that our national anthem may not reflect all Canadians, but want to express my own opinion on the matter.

Our country was founded in Christianity when Europeans settled here. While Canada has grown and changed since then, that simple fact remains true. I think the influx of persons from countries worldwide enhances our country and I like being a part of a university where I have the opportunity to learn more about different cultures, practices and beliefs. However, because our country was founded on principles of Christianity, why should our national anthem NOT contain these principles?

If I were to move elsewhere, I wouldn’t dream of demanding changes to another’s cultural history, beliefs, or faith practices, but rather would hope that I could have the freedom to express my own.

I feel we should be able to represent ourselves as Canadians proudly with our national anthem and not be criticized for not being inclusive of all people, as mentioned by Zener. Others are free to represent themselves as Canadians also, whether it be through the national anthem or in other ways. I don’t think anyone would prevent them from representing themselves in this way if they would like to do so!

Asking us to refrain from singing it just because it doesn’t reflect everyone would be an injustice to those to whom it does reflect.

I definitely believe in inclusion, but where is the line drawn when I begin to lose my ability to share my beliefs and faith in a country which culturally and historically has represented these since its creation?
"Elizabeth Baldwin
Honours English/CSI III

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