Safe sex with latex

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Today’s young people not wearing condoms”
Jan. 25, 2007

To the Editor:
Thursday’s Campus Life feature “Today’s young people not wearing condoms” left me bemused and slightly disturbed.

Perhaps because I’ve taken sex psych, I’m more informed than the average humper, but in any case, why the hell would someone rather have an STI than use a condom?

For the nth time, even if you (or your lover) use birth control, this doesn’t protect either of you against chlamydia or any other likely-awful-to-have sex infections. People who really want sex do it with a condom. If you’re too shy or too scared to ask your partner to use one, then maybe you shouldn’t be having sex.

The article’s notion that “familiarity and trust are no substitute for latex” is bang on. If the two of you are each other’s only partner ever, then fair enough, you’re less likely to be infected. If not, your partner’s potential asymptomatic infection doesn’t disappear just because you’ve built trust over the past six months.

If you have lots of sex and you’re looking to dodge infection, wrap your piece and don’t condom-hate.
"Andrea Charleau

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