Hillary exploits her husband's position

Faceoff: Hillary Clinton's success. Is former First Lady's background legit?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s quest to become United States president has officially begun, and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Many like Clinton as a candidate. She’s an intelligent woman with excellent qualifications and experience in the White House. It’s also extremely admirable that she’s trying to become the first female president, a landmark long overdue.

Let’s be honest, though: the only reason she is where she is today is because of her husband.

In reality, Clinton is no more qualified than any other Democratic senator. Her education is no better than any of the others’ and she has less experience in office than nearly the entire caucus.

In fact, it’s downright ignorant to maintain she’s as popular as she is for any reason other than being a former First Lady. Even Clinton’s supporters point to her political role as First Lady as a reason why she can handle the job, a clear sign they consider the position influential to her current status.

It seems ridiculous, then, that one can become President largely because they used to be married to one. Of all the qualities the United States needs in a leader, riding the coat-tails of a former Commander-in-Chief isn’t one of them.

The United States has already had enough trouble putting a woman in the White House, and it will only undermine their quest if the first woman gets there because of her marriage to a president. A woman must achieve this feat autonomously if she’s to bring any credibility to her position.

Clinton will be just the opposite. She won’t have done anything on her own, but rather will have played off her husband’s success.

As such, if she wins, she’ll be in the White House largely for the same reasons Monica Lewinsky was. I suppose this is unsurprising; if an office fling gets you in as an intern, why shouldn’t marriage earn you the top spot?

Some might call me crude for expressing that opinion, but the fact of the matter is it’s largely how Clinton will be remembered.

By extorting her status as a president’s wife for a run to the White House, Clinton undermines the position and the quests of women everywhere.

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