Career availability isn’t gendered

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Career Unfair”
Feb. 2, 2007

To the Editor:
In her letter, Carla Claus said the Career Fair was geared towards students in engineering, business, law and dentistry. Well, NEWSFLASH Ms. Claus, that’s where the jobs are. As a woman, the statistics you mentioned shown on the Institutional Planning website are encouraging but they only mean there are more women IN those disciplines, not that there are more jobs available. Career fairs are for jobs. No jobs = no recruiting.

Frankly, if a company can’t afford the measly $500 for the career fair, do you believe they can afford to hire you?

Please, Ms. Claus, don’t make this a women-versus-men issue. Everybody has an equal opportunity to join the disciplines presented at the Career Fair. It’s NOT the university’s fault that your program doesn’t offer as many career opportunities as others do.

The Career Fair isn’t about including or excluding anybody. It’s about bringing the jobs that are out there to the students. It just happens that the jobs out there are in engineering, business, law and dentistry, which, by the way, include many women.
"Shari Robitaille
Civil/Structural Engineering IV

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