Harper's textbook tax cut is poppycock

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
If you’re like me, you spent much of January in the Western Bookstore buying overpriced textbooks for the winter term. If so, you probably noticed signs urging you to keep your receipts for a tax rebate from the federal government.

Poppycock! Stephen Harper’s so-called tax cuts won’t make education more affordable for students. You won’t receive your tax rebate until April, meaning you still need to pay your hard-earned cash up front. If you couldn’t afford your books before, you probably can’t afford to front the money now. Moreover, the average student will only receive a $40 rebate " not even enough for a single textbook. On top of that, low-income students who don’t pay taxes receive nothing. Worse still, the Conservatives cancelled a New Democratic Party-initiated federal transfer payment to the provinces that would go towards reducing tuition fees. The Conservatives have also rejected the NDP’s calls to eliminate GST on textbooks.

Overall, the Conservatives want to increase your tuition fees, charge you higher sales taxes, then try to buy your vote with an insignificant tax rebate. The NDP wants to reduce your tuition, slash student debt, eliminate sales taxes on textbooks and eliminate ATM banking fees. So, who is really working to make life more affordable for students? If you picked Stephen Harper, you’re wrong.
"Devin Johnston
Philosophy IV

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