A confession of Facebook hypocrisy

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Not once, but twice this year, I explained why I dislike Facebook and why I would never join.

From its artificial “friend” groups to security issues, I outlined numerous problems I had with the online network.

However, last Wednesday, after months of riding out my “convictions,” the unthinkable happened: I caved. And after pretentiously condemning others for doing the same over the last semester, I figured an explanation was in order.

Initially, after writing my first column, I maintained my beliefs. Every day, while watching others log onto the service, I scoffed at their shallow use of time and wondered what hooked them to Facebook.

Things began changing slowly, however, after two of my co-editors created a pseudo-account under my name in retaliation to my initial column. While outwardly maintaining my so-called principles, my interest slowly grew as I learned I was acquiring friends on a daily basis.

However, with a strong core of anti-Facebook individuals allied with me at the time, I had the willpower to shut down the account and once again wrote about my qualms with the site. But this time my resolve was fading and my interest in getting an account was growing.

The only things preventing me from getting an account were my pride and the brave anti-Facebook souls aligned with me.

However, one by one, this loyal group dwindled. I was left standing alone against a strong contingent of Facebookers.

All around me, all I could see were friends enjoying the site’s benefits while I was left on the outside, wondering what I was missing.

And so, last week, with a small tear rolling down my cheek, I put aside my pride and joined Facebook.

So there you have it Western; you’ve broken me. I’m now a member of Facebook.

In addition to publicly losing any shred of credibility I may have had, this ordeal has exposed me as spineless and hypocritical.

Nonetheless, if you want to add me as a friend, feel free to do so. My quest for 1,116 friends has begun.

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