Stupidity hurts Hillary

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Hillary exploits her husband’s position”
Feb. 1, 2007

To the Editor:
It’s not crude. It’s just stupid.

I recommend The Gazette keep Malcolm Aboud and his opinions on the sports page, as his political knowledge is obviously lacking.

If Hillary was riding the coattails of a previous commander-in-chief (like the current president did), wouldn’t her campaign slogans say her last name? Instead of the traditional last name campaign like “Vote Kerry” or “Vote Bush,” Hillary has chosen “Vote Hillary.” It would have been easier and probably more cost-effective if she had gone into the garage and got out the old “Vote Clinton” signs from her husband’s campaign. The fact that she separates herself from her last name shows this campaign has nothing to do with her husband or prior first-lady status.

Mr. Aboud, your remarks weren’t crude. I can appreciate and even embrace the crude. I don’t, however, appreciate stupidity " especially when it’s used as a mask for sexism. Aboud was right; a blow job can get a woman an internship in the White House. Marriage doesn’t guarantee the first lady a shot at the presidency. However, as your article demonstrates, it does make for an easy way to write off the struggle and work of women succeeding in politics.

Hillary is bringing the women’s movement into effect by opening the doors for the third wave and making the biggest statement for gender equality in the United States in two decades. It’s not her fight for power that undermines our quest, Mr. Aboud; it’s you and the many other Hillary haters’ sexist politics and ignorant understandings that create real hurdles.
"Amanda D’Uva
Hons. English and Women Studies IV
Women Studies Student Council President 2006-2007

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