Don’t run into this guy at Weldon

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
As I write this letter, I’m sitting across from two loud mouth SOB’s on the first floor in Weldon’s laptop section. I can’t understand where these animals were raised or what kind of libraries they frequent, but in my library you “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

I’m tired of quietly studying only to have some ill-mannered student talk on their phone, talk to their friend or blare their crappy music when I’ve come here to avoid all those things. I have six roommates I’ve chosen to live with that do this; I don’t need people in the library adding to my aggravation.

I sometimes wonder, do people have no consideration for others when they come to the library? Can’t people fucking read? This is a quiet zone. Do they understand the word quiet? Let me give a definition for these people just in case: “making no noise or sound, especially no disturbing sound.” I hope they understand now, or I’ll have to resort to jumping across the table and choking anyone who hasn’t learned that this is NOT an area you talk in!

The next time someone glares at you from across the table or from across the whole library, it’s not because I like your new Dior handbag, it’s because I want you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
"Trevor Stunden

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