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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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Feb. 16, 2007

To the Editor:
Georgia Tanner and Stéphane Dion don’t convince us Stephen Harper is somehow using his powers as if he were the unilateral King of Canada.

The ideology of previous Liberal administrations also interfered with their impartiality when they were appointing judicial candidates. Eight of the justices currently serving on the Supreme Court have been appointed by Liberal governments and it’s naive to believe these previous administrations weren’t affected by their political beliefs. Why weren’t Liberal appointments considered “completely outrageous” by the Ontario media? Canada’s judiciary has never been an independent body of Parliament; judges are appointed by the prime minister, who has his own political biases.

The judicial advisory committee isn’t as sacred as Tanner would have it seem. Why didn’t Martin create this committee before making two judicial appointments himself, ensuring he didn’t “threaten this important feature of our democratic society”? The committee currently has zero authority to deny the prime minister the power to appoint anyone he deems fit. However, Harper has actually increased its usefulness by letting its members interview judicial candidates " a power it didn’t have under Martin.

We should be thankful to finally have a government in power that creates more checks on government through the Accountability Act, an elected Senate and fixed election dates, instead of criticizing trivial “issues” like this. Tanner and the Liberal-minded Ontario media must realize the Conservatives form the government of the day.

The fact that they’re putting their own minds in the Supreme Court or a committee aiding its selection is expected. The Prime Minister’s office isn’t taking advantage of its given powers. The only difference between this appointment and those from 1993-2004 is that it’s Conservative " a point that obviously disagrees with Tanner’s political views.
"Lee Manchur & Christopher Hansebout
Math & Computer Science IV, Cell Biology IV

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