Filthy students make UCC Centresloppy

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
This is directed to the Western students whose parents either neglected to teach them what humans do with their garbage or have simply forgotten how NOT to act like slobs.

I walk into Centrespot at any given time of day and I’m disgusted at the random litter people leave everywhere despite the abundance of garbage cans. As I sit here today, there is a Manchu Wok container and a smoothie cup not even two feet from a garbage can! How hard is it to walk to the garbage and put your waste in!?

Also, I’m sick of having to play waitress and clean off a table for myself because the lazy bastards who drop food everywhere feel that, since food missed their mouths and landed on the table, chair or floor, it should stay there.

It’s not only a matter of personal pride, but campus pride. Campus tours are going on and prospective students come to eat in the University Community Centre. How gross is it that they have to sit in filth? How unimpressed are parents when garbage is strewn across Centrespot because Western’s esteemed student body doesn’t have the sense or manners to clean up after itself?

And one last point. Again, while sitting here angrily scribbling my thoughts, a woman did a marginally good thing and put her Evian bottle into the garbage. Why couldn’t she walk the extra 10 feet and put it in the recycling bin? EVEN EASIER than walking 10 feet and putting the bottle in the recycling would have been stowing the bottle in her giant Lululemon bag and recycling it when she arrived to any campus classroom or her Blue Box at home.

Are we THAT lazy? Seeing as most of us come from the GTA and we’ve recycled since we were little, how could we have FORGOTTEN what it means to recycle? Are our brains being stuffed too full of worldly, scholarly knowledge? I doubt it.

It’s unfair to our peers, our university, Centrespot staff and, most importantly, ourselves to leave the UCC so messy every day.

I am absolutely appalled. Apparently, higher education does nothing to help us act like decent human beings.
"Jenny Locke
Biology III

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