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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

March 6, 2007 Ed Cartoon

Today, the University Students’ Council launched a campaign to rename the soon-to-be-renovated Wave. The USC is holding a contest to choose a new moniker for the restaurant when it reopens in September. After collecting all submissions, it will present a handful of its favourites and let students vote for the final name.

The contest is a great idea. The Wave feels like it has little history behind it, and the name itself, a reference to the fact it overlooks the Concrete Beach, is lost on most students. Hopefully the new name has more of a “Western” feel to it, something students can better relate to. Here are some suggestions, some serious, and some not so much:

• Rick’s
• Rick McGhie’s
• Rick McGhie’s Buffalo Chicken Wrap Emporium
• The Tsunami (a bigger, better and deadlier Wave)
• Davenport’s (adds a touch of class, stuffiness)
• The Stable (where Mustangs go to live)
• The Trough (where Mustangs go to eat)
• The Glue Factory (where Mustangs go to get wasted)
• The Elbow Room (an old campus bar; now veteran Wave staffers can stop waxing nostalgic)
• The Ripple or The Wading Pool (It’s not exactly making “waves” these days)
• Tumbleweeds (ditto)
• Club Weldon (crap, periodicals already uses this one)
• The 19th Hole (Western was built on a golf course and country club and, well, little has changed)
• The Pole (a Saugeen Stripper shoutout)
• Sex & Booze (the two most prominent things on students’ minds)
• Purple People Eatery
• The Drunken Mustang (’cause you get hammered there)
• The Mangled Mustang (’cause you get hung over after going there)
• The Best Undergraduate Student Bar at a Research Intensive University (so President Davenport’s favourite catch phrase can be immortalized)
• The Coca-Cola Student Pub presented by Domino’s Pizza (Western loves corporate partnerships " why not the USC?)
• The Trojan Horse (surprise! We hid a bunch of underagers in this baby!)
• West of Adelaide, a.k.a. the WOA (’cause Western students are snobby bastards)
• J.W.’s (Western’s mascot)
• The Western Bubble (what the hell " we’re all living in it, so let’s make it official)

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