Reynolds' campaign faces the music

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
Word of advice for the next University Students’ Council presidential candidates: don’t snub the Faculty of Music. Not to be cocky, but our votes really do count. The number of votes that decided the recent election was 377 " just less than the number of students in the Faculty of Music.

The unfulfilled promise of a visit to the faculty on Feb. 19 left our welcome committee crestfallen as it sat in the lobby surrounded by balloons and streamers, eating home-baked mini muffins and cupcakes while wondering where in the world Chris Reynolds could be.

The past three USC presidents garnered the support of the Faculty of Music " which, I might add, has the highest turnout percentage in USC elections " and we’d like to think we had quite the effect on their successful campaigns. I do beg future candidates not to underestimate our worth. And to Tom Stevenson: we’ll see you at the next choir concert!
"Tyler Bromley
Music IV

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