Purple Shorts shafted?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
On Feb. 13 and 15, a group of Western students put on a festival of one-act plays called Purple Shorts. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It took place at The Wave. Seven shows were performed for a full house on both nights. They were all written, directed and acted by Western students. These students put in hours and hours of time and effort to put on a great festival.

However, several days later, it had yet to appear in The Gazette. If Western’s own student newspaper doesn’t care enough to cover an event run entirely by its own students, there’s something wrong. A bad review would be one thing, but ignoring the event altogether is even more insulting. And realistically, it’s not too much to ask the school’s media outlets to at least acknowledge this event.
"Jen Fraser
Writer, director, actress
“You’d Need a Chainsaw”
Purple Shorts Festival 2007

Ed. Note: We agree it’s important for The Gazette to support student events " that’s why we ran a preview, “Western puts on Purple Shorts,” Feb. 13 and printed a casting call for the event in January.

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