Smokers: the dregs of society

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Occasionally, I’m permitted to leave my cage in the University Community Centre. I get to do things like walk between the doors of The Spoke and D.B. Weldon Library. Despite the cold, I choose not to go underground; I enjoy my brief breath of fresh air every so often.

Often I’m let down in my pursuit of crisp Canadian air by a wall of tar- fuelled smog.

Stepping outside the doors of the UCC and other campus buildings, I often encounter smokers huddled together trying to stay warm while getting their fix.

The problem isn’t only outside. I know of places in the UCC where smokers huddling near the exit affect the air several metres away, well inside the building.

Smokers are such poor souls. Our insensitive culture has forced these poor children into the wilderness to suffer without any support.

I propose we build smokers a heated outdoor enclosure. Maybe the enclosure should include its own little coffee bar. What about flat-screen TVs? Smokers show so much respect to the non-smoking population; they deserve some back.

After all, the respect smokers show on a daily basis by carefully depositing each cigarette butt in the proper receptacle instead of callously discarding them anywhere they please means they truly care about their fellow man.

There are many smokers in my life whom I know and love. I don’t hate them; I hate that we live in a society that doesn’t hassle them more for being virulent polluters of the air and ground.

Some would say smokers are given a hard time for their habit. Let’s accept for a moment that smokers do get treated like second class citizens. Great " they should be marginalized even more.

At times I choose to hang with my smoker friends and accept the smoky consequences. But when I step outside, I don’t want to be met with fumes or see butts lying all over a beautiful campus’ steps.

Non-smokers, don’t sit idly by. If you see a butt fly out a car window on the road, honk and flip the bird. If you see someone throw a wrapper or paper on the ground, tell them to smarten up and pick it up, and the same absolutely goes for cigarette butts.

Smokers, respect the rules, move away from the building, and pick up after your degenerate selves. Don’t like it? Luckily you’ll die first anyway.

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