Comp lab piss-off

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
I’m writing this letter to address campus computer lab usage. Throughout campus there are several computer labs available for student use, whether it be for academics or good ol’ Facebook.

Students lacking laptops or the Internet make good use of these labs and should be able to access any computer lab during its operation hours.

Numerous times I’ve been asked to leave a computer lab because there was a class in session. I’m aware professors can dismiss people who aren’t in the class and I’m also aware of the signs placed in front of the computer labs.

But what if you’re in a rush and need to print something off, need to access something quickly or submit something on minutes before the deadline? Issues like these occur regularly and I don’t think asking professors to accommodate these students is asking much as long as they aren’t disruptive.

Recently I was in the Sommerville lab and after five minutes I was kicked out by a TA who was instructed to bar any students other than those enrolled in the lab. I was shocked at how rude he was. Even after explaining I would take 10 minutes at most, he insisted I leave.

On many occasions like this " regardless of whether or not you’re being disruptive " professors usually request you leave. I find this ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to walk across campus to use a computer lab just because some pissed off TA with three students in the lab decides to kick me out.

I’m sure others feel my pain and I hope something is done about this.
"Joel Jagdeo
Biology & Political Science V

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