USC VP elections lack solid candidates

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
I have a confession. After six years serving the University Students’ Council in one role or another, I’ve finally succumbed to USC fatigue. The last straw was viewing the sad lot of “candidates” vying for the four vice-president positions on Council. Not only is there a startling lack of candidates, with two of the four positions already acclaimed, but the quality of candidates " with one or two exceptions " is questionable at best.

While candidates may choose the obvious defence of rhyming off a litany of past positions held, they seem to forget truly serving students isn’t about your title, but what you actually do for students. This is where most of the VP candidates are lacking. I’ve worked alongside some of these people in the past, and I’d sooner spoil my ballot than vote them back into the USC as members of the Board of Directors. From a student senator who acts like Paul Davenport’s lapdog to a commissioner who thinks he’s God’s gift to Western, the USC VP candidates are a veritable who’s-who of self-aggrandizing, resumé-padding goldbrickers.

To that end, I’m pleading to any remaining responsible councillors to move to reopen the nominations for the vice-presidential positions in hopes that some competent, selfless individuals will come forward.

Because if this group of expedient ass-clowns is the best Western has to offer, it’ll be a tremendous win for the administration and an incalculable loss for our student body.
"Arzie Chant
Biology III

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