Non-smokers should just hold their breath

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “Smokers: the dregs of society”
March 7, 2007

To the Editor:
In Wednesday’s Gazette, Dave Ward wrote smokers are the “dregs of society.” He claims “dregs” are restricting him from leaving a building without inhaling the monstrosity that is cigarette smoke. Here’s a novel idea, Dave Ward: hold your breath.

If you’re so concerned about a minute amount of smoke touching your clothing or being inhaled, just hold your breath for a few seconds and walk quickly. You exaggerate the situation and claim smokers should have “heated outdoor enclosures.”

As if standing outside in sub-freezing temperatures with a cigarette is comfortable. You stabbed your article in the heart by claiming smokers show little respect for their fellow man. Coming from a guy who proposes smokers be “marginalized even more” in society, that’s pretty rich. Smokers have already been marginalized by high tobacco prices and the obvious public smoking ban. You’ve driven them out of public places " which is respectable " but you don’t own the air, Mr. Ward.

If you respect your fellow man, you can hold your breath for three seconds so smokers need not spend five minutes standing in gusting winds and freezing rain. When summer comes, I’m sure smokers will move from doorways and enjoy the fresh air too.

I can’t blame you for your editorial, though; it’s consistent with the drivel I expect from The Gazette. Discuss some real issues.
"Nicholas McRae
Science III

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