To the PDA couple in Music...

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
This is addressed to the unknown couple in the music faculty: I consistently see you two making out in the Talbot College hallways. Please stop. I kindly ask that you two be more aware of your surroundings. I might have approached you in person regarding this issue, but I don’t want any major confrontation (I was also afraid of being mistaken for an interested participant and being pulled into the rapturous fray). I don’t know who you two are, but you are in the music faculty " that information I have corroborated with others who have also witnessed your snog-fests and are equally disturbed. The following sample incidents should help you identify yourselves.

Monday, March 5, some time between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., you were lost in ecstasy directly in front of the Music Library doors and subsequently, created an obstruction. Thursday, March 8, at approximately 11:26 a.m., you were gently tugging and/or licking lips with your eyes closed in the entrance hall between the Talbot atrium and the main building. You also both look very young and are perhaps instrumentalists, if that helps.

Please understand I have nothing personal against either of you or public displays of affection " that is, when PDA is in healthy and considerate doses. What are healthy and considerate forms of PDA? I might have to invoke the spirit of the U.S. Supreme Court and say, “I know it when I see it.” Some examples, however, might include holding hands, short kisses on the lips/cheeks, hugging, etc. Feel free to make a Facebook group and forum for discussion.

Nevertheless, what you two are doing is most certainly not a friendly form of PDA. Campus hallways and entrances are public areas. Should you two be lacking private space, the city of London offers many luxury and discount accommodations you might want to consider.
"Victoria Buchy

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