Students don't wash because of nasty soap

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
This issue has been stirring in the back of my mind and surely in the minds of other Western students. With a new president and new councillors for the upcoming year, it’s important for me to address the “unbearable green soap phenomenon.”

The green soap in our university’s bathrooms is not only repulsive, it’s too watered-down and smells awful. If one was to survey students around campus in regards to how often they utilize the unpleasant soap, I can assure you the result would prove students scarcely use it.

To improve cleanliness on campus and prevent viruses from spreading, we must ensure students will consistently wash their hands with good-quality soap. Hence, I strongly believe the only solution to purification and decontamination is introducing a new brand of soap in our university’s bathrooms. I urge the University Students’ Council and our newly elected president to look into this matter and, as a result, I guarantee you our university will become more hygienic and Western students will be content, fulfilled, satisfied and clean!
"Amani Gharib

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