Looking for 'Ugg boots girl'

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
Hey, maybe you Gazette kids can help me find this Ugg boots girl I met the other day. She was pretty cool.

Ugg boots girl was really friendly and seemed to enjoy telling me all about her Ugg boots but I forgot to get her number or even ask what her name was before I left.

Why don’t you guys publish this? Maybe she’ll e-mail you back about it to say hi to me or something.

Here’s how it went: I was waiting for my appointment at Fowler-Kennedy and she was waiting around for hers. I was bored and she was wearing these fluffy boots so I asked her if that’s what Ugg boots looked like. Yep, those were Ugg boots. Not only that, but she turned out to be a pretty cool chick too.

Ugg boots girl, if you wanna hang out you’re welcome to it. I’m the guy who was wearing the Fila suit who asked about your Ugg boots.

Nice Ugg boots.
"Pawel Marek
Mechanical Engineering IV

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