300 movie reviewer on crack

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “300 redefines epic as only 300 buff, sweaty Spartans can”
Mar. 13, 2007

To the Editor
If The Gazette believes 300 deserves four out of five stars, its math skills need checking. A Greek word comes to mind when thinking about this movie: bathos.

The film’s dialogue clumsily oscillated between the magniloquence befitting an epic and the informal prattle of an everyday sitcom. This tactic, probably used to make the audience feel comfortable, far over-extended my suspension of disbelief.

Juxtaposing the utmost formality of speech with an utter informality of speech made the movie seem farcical. Nevertheless, 300 was clearly meant to be seen, not heard " so let’s talk imagery. The Persians are portrayed as masked men, freakishly exotic sycophants and trolls. The Greeks, contrarily, might have stepped out of any men’s fitness magazine; they’re Euro-American men at their physical utmost. The Persians were portrayed as flamboyant, downright monstrous or simply subhuman. If it was with the Greeks that Western culture was born, it’s with us that it dies.

This movie is filled with endless clichés and turns of phrase, in both images and dialogue. It still relied on the basic, infantile idea of fearing the “other”" an “other” who is dehumanized at every chance.

This movie has no substance. Gratuitous nudity, senseless violence, tired storylines " the film is superficial, recycled and manufactured. Nevertheless, what irked me most was the denouement. Leonidas, laying slain on the ground with his arms outstretched, bore undeniable resemblance to ubiquitous Christ-imagery. What does a man who defiantly and without compunction murdered and maimed hundreds of human beings have to do with Christ?

300 was misogynistic, chauvinistic, heterosexist, xenophobic, ethnocentric almost to the point of Aryanism, unimaginative, bathetic and thoroughly insubstantial. Despite this, it was exactly what the masses wanted. After all, who dare question a product of the 1,000 nations of the American empire?
"Tyler Totten
Social Justice I

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