USC VP candidates unfairly criticized

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “USC VP elections lack solid candidates”
Mar. 9, 2007

To the Editor:
I was appalled by Arzie Chant’s letter about the lack of University Students’ Council VP-election candidates. It’s undeniable that in any election, the more candidates, the better " especially one in which the resulting governing power carries as much weight as the Board of Directors.

However, I don’t see how libelling the current VP candidates makes any positive changes. Chant’s unsupported claims are directed toward students whose long list of achievements clearly demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the USC and Western’s students.

The lack of interest in recent student government elections is disappointing. However, equally disappointing is Chant’s cowardly approach to the problem. Sitting comfortably on the sidelines, the author offers no evidence of the current candidates’ failures. He only offers grade-school style name-calling likely due to a personal vendetta.

I challenge students who feel they have something more to offer to run for these positions or mention their innovative ideas to the current candidates. As Chant states, Western’s student government is always in need of competent, selfless individuals. It’s just a shame Chant obviously isn’t one of them.
"Thida Han
Psychology IV

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