Readers rant about trash

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
When I was walking up UC hill the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of garbage on the ground. There was everything from coffee cups to what I think was a thong. It was absolutely disgusting.

We’re lucky enough to attend one of Canada’s most beautiful universities and we should keep it that way. Try to take the two extra steps to the nearest garbage can or recycling bin and show some pride for your school and the environment.
"Kate Read
Medical Sciences IV

To the Editor:
Seriously, there are condoms all over the sidewalks and courtyard at Huron. Not only that, but more condoms seem to be littering the sidewalks each week! Are Huron students in residence actually enjoying outdoor sex in this mucky weather? Or is this some strange new Student Health Services strategy to encourage safe sex? If so, I’m not sure I get it. In any case... I hope Huron gets over this new condom-littering trend.
"Alex McKenna
Philosophy & Health Sciences IV

To the Editor:
While this is specifically directed to the jackass I witnessed throwing his garbage off the university bridge yesterday morning, it also applies to everyone else who does the same thing: you fat, lazy piece of shit. Is it really that difficult to hang on to a God damned bagel wrapper until you see a garbage can? Really? As long as you’re throwing useless items off the bridge, why don’t you jump off it next time?
"Lee Brown

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