Letters to the editor: uncut

Because you guys are stupid

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Most of the letters we receive reflect our diverse, intelligent and thoughtful student body. However, a few of them make us question Western’s admissions procedure, the quality of Canada’s education system and the intelligence of the human race in general. Here are some of the doozies, unedited for your enjoyment.

To the Editor:
I write this letter regard to the Social Science Center’s microwaves. Those two microwaves had not been working from last year. Many students do not notice about this probably because there was no sign to tell them that those microwaves are not working.

I am also wondering when can we have a new microwave that USC president has promised in the mid of this term?

For students who usually bring their lunch to school, the line up for using UCC’s microwaves is very painful.

So, students, don’t waste your time on SSC’s microwaves. Use those wasted time for UCC’s line up.

The SSC’s microwave is a trap. (Or, it might not be a trap if there is a new microwave.)
"Annie Hua
History IV
[Cavegirl tired of cold brontosaurus meat! Fix warming box immediately, SSC!]


Re: “Lance is no better than bonds”
Mar. 14, 2007

To the Editor:
I guess your Dick Pounds little brother. Name one drug test Armstrong failed. You can’t do it, nor can Dick Pound name any test Landis failed (it ain’t official whether he did or didn’t yet). Yet like your all knowing Canadian brother Dick Pound you assume someone must be a cheat simply because the won, and Canadians being the generally poor athletes they are (aside from Hockey and Curling) would rather make a sport of conjecture.
"Thomas Hogner
[Malcolm Aboud’s dick does not pound little brother, though something tells us baby Thomas’ parents might have accidentally pounded his head on the pavement a couple times.]


Re: “Ivey: Hotter, Smarter, and Modest”
Sept. 22, 2006

To the Editor:
I have to say that I am personally outraged with the comments of one Matt Vines. His blatant disregardfor knowing his place in the world leaves me to believe that Western really is not teaching its students well. The fact of the matter is that IVEY Students are dumb when it comes to anything but Business. They should acknowledge this fact, and they are pretentious;

01000010 01000001 01010011 01010100 01000001 01010010 01000100 01010011.

Every time I see an IVEY Student, I say: “I really pity you; you’re paying $20000 to learn how to be a prick.”
"Glenn Eggleton
Computer Science III
[Guess the sarcasm in Vines’ letter went over your head. Anyway, we have a seven-letter word for you binary lovers: 01010110 01001001 01010010 01000111 01001001 01001110 01010011]


To the Editor:
As the completion of my undergrad nears, I felt the need to write to The Gazette about some of the things that piss me off about UWO. This year, I seem to have run into problems with almost every service or administration on campus. First of all, if you are an undergrad and own a parking pass, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes, finding parking spot on campus is almost as pathetic as the parking lot during Boxing Day " yes, waiting and following someone to their car. Secondly, if you’re in Science and want to see your counselor " good luck. They’re only available 2 days of the week for 3 hours. And if you don’t wait in line 45 minute before the doors even open, then forget it. The rude secretarial staff at the counselling office doesn’t make it any easier for us either. Finally, I think it’s great that the hospitality personnel at the UCC are so eager to clean our tables while I’m still eating. I don’t even have to throw my garbage out anymore, because she’s always around to throw my half full apple juice out for me. And my napkin that she just took from me, yeah. I was just going to wipe my mouth with that. Thanks for taking it away. If its 11 am in the morning and you’re in the UCC right now reading this, you know EXACTLY who I’m talking about. : ) (Oh yes - and the line up at the Registrar’s Office? Don’t even get me started.)
Med Sci IV

[In ending this feature, we feel the need to write this student about some of the things that piss us off.

We hate people who don’t use paragraphs. We hate whiny Western girls who cry over every campus lineup but will wait outside Taphouse for two hours in the cold wearing miniskirts. We hate idiots who complain when our lovely Hospitality Services staffers do their jobs well. We hate babies who can’t keep an eye on their apple juice.

Most of all, we hate cowards who e-mail anonymous letters to The Gazette but forget that their names are included in the “from” line. You know EXACTLY what we’re talking about, Chrissy.]

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