Crossing picket line undercuts cause

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
There seems to be a great deal of frustration and resentment against the Huron College strikers. On Monday, I watched a shouting match between a striker and someone in a Land Rover attempting to enter the parking lot. The driver was clearly pissed off. The Gazette article reports that some students had to wait up to 45 minutes to park and quotes one student as saying that, while he understands the motivations for the strike, “they are showing no respect to students.”

I guess I don’t know how many students feel this way, but from the sheer amount of honking, I’d say quite a few.

The strikers are circulating a letter around campus, addressed to the student body. In this letter, they apologize for any inconvenience their actions may cause. The very need for the letter is disheartening because the strikers shouldn’t have to waste time or resources cultivating what should simply be given to them.

Every student with business on Huron’s campus should make a choice. Will you support the Huron strikers or undercut them? Remember, if you cross the picket line, you’re undercutting the strikers’ attempt to achieve a higher wage. You can reject the strikers’ demands, but the only possible middle ground here is the obliviousness of indifference. If you wish to support the strikers, DO NOT EAT IN THE HURON DINING HALL and DO NOT ENTER THE HURON PARKING LOT. You can’t have it both ways; you can’t tell yourself you’re “sympathetic” to the strikers while you buy lunch from scabs.
"Mike Coutu
MA Theory & Criticism

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