Lap dances for children

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
My attention to my work was quickly blown a while ago by the dancing of a group of students practising in the University Community Centre. I saw girls lap dancing on guys seated in chairs, girls’ legs spreading and guys going down on girls’ crotches shaking their heads back and forth. Disgusting! I thought this was all phenomenally inappropriate and extremely trashy. There’s a place for this kind of action and it’s called a strip club!

I inquired and was told it was a Canadian Asian International Students’ Association fashion show rehearsal and it was raising money for the children’s hospital. I was perplexed by the word “children.” I thought to myself, they’re putting this show on to raise money for children by entertaining with activities found in strip clubs.

Why would a show consistently fundraising for the children’s hospital fail to put on a show children and families can attend? It should decide as a group what its goals are, and if it has anything to do with what it’s displayed the past few years, it should move the show to Solid Gold.
"Jory Ceeda
Western alumni

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