Western's drug use is troubling

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Re: “UWO Drug Dealers”
April 5, 2007

To the Editor:
I’m somewhat disturbed by your recent article on drug dealers.

While I’m not against recreational use of marijuana and so-called “lighter” drugs, I do have a few issues.

While you blatantly point out that these drug dealers make nearly as much in a year as my mother (tax-free at that!) you make no mention of the fact that these people help ruin others’ lives. As someone who barely escaped the road to being a drug addict in youth, I abhor those who promote these habits.

In addition, I find it terrifying that “Jim” will next year be out in the world designing the buildings, bridges and machines that we, and our children, will be using. It’s extremely rare that a drug dealer does not use, and this guy is dealing COCAINE!

Then there’s Betty, who needs five grams of weed DAILY to calm her down?! Does she not realize that, as a future businesswoman, she’ll encounter much more stress later in life than she does now? If drug use is her only coping mechanism, I don’t think she’ll make it far in her career.

Finally, I hope Bob isn’t planning on becoming a psychiatrist. I shudder at the thought of someone who sells pills being authorized to prescribe them.

I realize a lot of people do drugs and as a general rule I don’t think occasional use is an issue. But at a place like Western, where the brightest minds of our generation are meant to reside, it worries me that these “bright minds” apparently can’t function without substance.
"Julia Corby
Pharm/Tox ’04

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