Students should be vigilant after Virginia Tech shooting

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
In the coming weeks, we must be extra vigilant, cautious, and very much aware of our peers in order to avoid an attempted copycat [of the recent Virginia Tech shooting] in our own homeland. Please do not hesitate for a second to report any suspicious activity.

This tragedy has united us in ways we cannot express and it is time, as a community banded together by our common humanity, to reach out to those who we believe to be isolated, depressed, troubled or the like. Moreover, educational institutions must be willing to invest in a centralized emergency communications system, for the safety of our schools is not what it once was. Together, however, we can save lives. God be with those who were affected.
"Rahim B. Kanani, BA ‘06
Harvard Kennedy
School of Government

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